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New Laurel Aitken Release: Boss Reggae Sounds – Laurel Aitken Productions 1969 – 1971

Laurel Aitken Boss Reggae SoundsThere’s a new collection from Pressure Drop of Laurel Aitken productions from 1969 – 1971 and boy is it killer! Full of good stuff that you might or might not have heard.

The site has this to say: “Although best known for his vocal prowess, Laurel Aitken was also the most popular British-based West Indian music producer throughout the Ska and early Reggae eras. From 1969 to 1971, the quality of his work for the country’s leading Reggae companies, Trojan and Pama, was second to none and unsurprisingly sold strongly throughout both the Caribbean ex-pat community and the UK’s not inconsiderable Skinhead population.

The very best of these highly collectable recordings form the basis of this, the finest compilation of Boss Reggae sounds in years, with memorable contributions from some of the hottest acts on the country’s Jamaican music scene, including Pama Dice, Winston Groovy and Tiger, whose Guilty was covered by UB40 for their inaugural Labour Of Love album.”

1 Cutting Blade – King Horror
2 Zion I – Rico & The Visions
3 Leaving Me Standing – Winston Groovy
4 The Vampire – King Horror
5 The Worm – Pama Dice
6 The Hole – King Horror
7 I Can\’t Go On – Winston Groovy
8 Funky Chicken Pama Dice
9 Loch Ness Monster – King Horror
10 Only You – Winston Groovy
11 Funky Monkey – Dice The Boss
12 Funky Monkey (Part 2) – Dice The Boss
13 Funny – Winston Groovy
14 Funny Version 2 The Cimarons
15 Give Me Back Your Love – Trevor Lloyd
16 Real Collie – Dice & Cummie
17 Funky Duck – Dice The Boss
18 Frankenstein – King Horror
19 Reggae Popcorn – Pama Dice
20 Sin, Sun & Sex – Pama Dice
21 You Send Me – Winston Groovy
22 Nobody Else But You – Joe Lace
23 Election – The Freedom Singers
24 Tomorrow Sworld – Fleece & The Live Shocks
25 Standing On The Corner – Winston Groovy
26 History Of Africa – The Classics
27 Africa Arise (History Of Africa Part 2) – Laurel Aitken
28 Valley Of Tears – Cock & The Woodpeckers
29 Birds and Flowers The Groovy Beats
30 Guilty – Tiger

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