New Hepcat Tune & Guns Fever Video @ Slim’s

Hepcat played in San Francisco at Slim’s earlier this year (SF is getting in gear with some amazing shows aren’t they?) and there are some great videos of the show hitting the net. One in particular has the fans excited as it is a new tune Leaving that sounds like another classic in the making. The song makes one wonder if new material is in the works for a new possible record. If the ska gods shine on us in 2011 it will happen!

Here is the video of the new tune.

Here they are playing the classic Guns Fever – one of my personal favorites.

Visit the forum to comment on the videos and voice your thoughts on the new tune, more shows or anything Hepcat related.

You can also search online for other videos from recent performances from The Music Box in Hollywood as well. Come on guys more shows please! The kids aren’t alright without some Hepcat.

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