New Forthrights Vinyl EP Pre-Order & Promo Clip

forthrights epThe Forthrights outta Brooklyn are making a name for themselves. Their not doing the skinhead reggae but good straight up modern slackers-style reggae. Some may like it, some may not. The main thing for me is that they are trying to do something engaging again for the fans and live ska and reggae music in the states. It’s a little bare in the talent department right now and these cats are making moves to make it exciting.

They’ve already released a Jamaican pressed 45 with King Django on Version City and they are planning dates and tours across the nation. So that’s good news in my book. Now comes word that they have a brand new EP of material ready for release on vinyl. Anything on vinyl is good in my book.

Panic State Records, who are releasing the new EP, had this to say about the band: “In a few short years they have solidified their place in the New York Reggae Scene and have collaborated with such acts as Vic Ruggerio, Chris Murray, Mr. T-Bone, King Django, Jeremy Pena, Maddie Ruthless, and Matt Wixson.”

Andrew Barker posted a review of the album at our sister blog Musical Occupation. He mentioned “You Can Love Me is a croony little rocksteady number that is a love story as only a traveling musician can tell.” and “Stay Out Late is a catchy ska number that will have you singing along in no time.”

You can read the full review HERE.

They’ve got the pre-sale up right now with a great deal for everyone that orders now. Check out the exclusive deals for getting your order in early here:

Here is the tracklisting:
1. Nocturne (in black and gold)
2. You Can Love Me
3. Stay Out Late
4. Like A Child

Now check out this promo clip below.

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