New Deal’s Gone Bad Heartbreak & Shadows On The Way

Deals Gone BadIt’s been 6 years since Deal’s Gone Bad released their last album The Ramblers, and they’ve spent a good long chunk of that time on the road bringing their brand of Ska Soul magic to the masses. All that time they were also brainstorming and collecting ideas that would become their latest collection of slice of life tunes Heartbreaks And Shadows.

“Heartbreaks And Shadows” was recorded by much the same cast of characters behind the last album “The Ramblers”. Rest assured the sonic quality is on par, if not beyond that release. This new LP pushes Deal’s Gone Bad into new, darker realms, yet never abandons the danceable rhythms and big hooks which have defined it to date. It was again produced and recorded by Mike Corcoran at Legendary Recorders (albeit across 3 years and 2 locations), and mastered by Colin Jordan at The Boiler Room.

While the earliest efforts from the band were good yet rough to listen to they really came into their own when Todd Hembrook took over vocals duties for the band. His style of soul growler perfection really highlighted the toughness of the Chicago band but with a softer side that really makes for a terrific sonic convergence. They put on amazing live performances and this latest effort pushes band further into darker lyrical areas but always with that soul ska swagger.

The songs on the album discuss the daily life of a band on the road and the trials & tribulations people have to deal with. It really is a masterful balance of upbeat rhythms and dark melodies that I think only this group of ruffians from the hard streets of Chicago can pull off.

The album was funded for over $10,000 via a Big Tunes campaign that had all sorts of ways for fans to get a piece of the band and their music. If you weren’t album to contribute to the campaign when it was running I’m sure the album will be available from Jump Up Records and other outlets as soon as it is available. Check out the album sampler below and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the tunes as I have. I just love these guys. No one is making as good of music dealing with everyday things except maybe The Slackers.

DGB Heartbreak & ShadowsTrack Listing:
1. Shine 4:43
2. The Fool 3:26
3. Tell Me What You Know (About Love) 3:45
4. Just Won’t Do 2:46
5. Far From Home 3:25
6. Train 4:10
7. Weigh Me Down 4:16
8. California And 26th 3:34
9. Sweet Morning 3:30
10. Tell Yuh 3:04
11. Perfect Combination 3:20
12. All Right 2:41
13. Get Back 4:46
14. Walkaway (Version) 5:45

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.