New Clash Doc: The Rise & Fall of The Clash

The Rise & Fall of The Clash

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash is still a work in progress although it recently premiered at the CBGB festival back in July.. This new documentary, directed by Danny Garcia and co-produced by David Mingay (Rude Boy the original pseudo-documentary about The Clash) and Robin Banks, tries to chronicle the inside story on the collapse of one of the most influential bands ever.

Director Danny Garcia did an interview where he talked about his lifelong love affair with the band. “I go back as far as 1980.” he says. “My first memory is being on my bicycle singing “Spanish Bombs.” My brother used to listen to them, he had these TDK cassettes. That was my first memory of ever being a Clash listener. And then obviously later on – because I must have been like 9 years old – I bought the records and started dressing up like them. I was a total Clash fanatic.”

RetroMan site posted a review of a recent screening with some cool pics of fans at the screening.

The Rise & Fall of the Clash PosterView the trailer and full poster below. You can also connect with the film on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed on upcoming events and screenings.

The film will have a US tour later this month.

– Tue Sept. 18th @ Trocadero Theatre – Philadelphia
– Wed Sept. 19th @ Arlington Regent Theatre – Boston
– Sat Sept. 22nd @ Coney Island Film Festival – NY
– Sun Sept. 23rd @ Gala Theatre – Washington DC
– Tue Sept. 25th @ The Roxie – San Francisco (2 shows)
– Wed Sept. 26th @ Uptown Club – Oakland
– Fri Sept. 28th @ The Art Theatre – Long Beach

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