New Book About Bunny Striker Lee 1967-1976

CoverEarlier this year a new book Reggae Going International 1967- 1976: The Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee Story was published highlighting the early years of Rocksteady and Reggae. The book starts in 1967 with the authors Noel Hawks & Jah Floyd telling the story of one of the greats Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee. It looks like a really interesting read chock full of recollections from a man that lead the charge with some of the best recordings of the time and photos from his personal collection.

Record Collector Editor Ian McCann wrote a review which I include below.

Partly penned by RC writer Noel Hawks, this may be a reasonably slim hardback, but it imparts the tale of a man who was not only there when reggae ruled OK, but was also one of the main reasons why it ruled. Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee is a record producer responsible for an impossible number of great records; while other producers may have claimed the plaudits for an outlandish personality, Striker got on with the job and worked with everyone from Bob Marley to Cornell Campbell, Johnny Clarke to Dennis Brown, Slim Smith to King Tubby.

Back CoverUnlike so many others in the Jamaican music business, Striker has a great memory, knows the whys, wherefores and wha’appens, and is willing to talk about it. Want to know why the back of records are called “Version”? Why I Roy and Prince Jazzbo had a row on various singles? Why I Roy and U Roy didn’t get on? Lee tells you here – and that’s just on one page. Littered with unseen pics, here’s the history of Jamaican music told in an utterly authentic way through the words of one man. I’ve read it twice – and still can’t put it down. It stops in 1976 – let’s hope this is just Strike one.

The 200 page hardcover book also includes a full-length 22-track CD of some of Striker’s biggest productions from has copies for order if you are interested.

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