Mr. Symarip Sings Skinhead Girl & DUFF Reviews Album.

Mr. Symarip just played San Francisco. If you missed it like me and you’re kicking yourself in the head like I am dammit too bad. Get over it.

Here’s a great video of what you missed. Now kick yourself in the head again then watch the video.


Steve over at Duff Guide to Ska posted a review of his latest album Skinheads Dem A Come giving the whole album an “A” rating noting “The ska world has been particularly fortunate to have had so many first generation Jamaican artists composing superb new music and performing well into their later years–someone’s got to show the kids how it’s done properly, right? Mr. Symarip continues to school us all with his musical mastery.”

I couldn’t agree more. Come back soon Mr. Symarip and make a stop in LA please.

READ MORE at his site HERE.

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