Moondust Records Launch Party & Update

Moondust Records Full Page AdThere’s some Moondust Records updates for you!

First – leading France based webzine United Reggae posted a piece about the Reggae 69 Fan Club and upcoming Moondust releases. You can sample Reggae 69 from Laurel Aitken which we all know but you can also hear for the first time The Delirians cut “Musical Remedy”. Read the full story here.

It’s with great pride to know some of the cats at the Trojan Forum have given the new releases 2 thumbs up as well! These cats know their reggae so if they think it’s looking good we must be doing something right.

I’m also proud to announce there will be a label kickoff party on Saturday November 19th in Los Angeles AND Berkeley with bands from the first series of releases including The Revivers, The Impalers, The Delirians and Queeen P of Ocean 11 along with young early Reggae hitmakers in the making The Tarfons and Oi band Shark Skin. There will also be top selectors playing the tunes that inspired us as well as tracks from the releases. RSVP to the LA party here and the Berkeley party here.

There will also be listening parties around the country including Chicago, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, DC and even Mexico & Canada! If you or anyone you know things they can host a party for us in your town please hit me up.

See the ad posted below in color that will be appearing in the brand new Zine from Stephanie Kenyon of the Champions Inc. called Sussed! Quarterly we posted about yesterday. You can order via paypal by sending $6 (US Shipping) or $8 (International shipping) to You can also send $$ via money order or cash made out to Stephanie Kenyon P.O.Box 203 Mountain View, CA 94041 DO IT! Includes Los Granadians interview and so much more. Connect with them here.

Pre-order the full set of releases for less than the retail value right now! This will go through the listening parties of Mid Nov when we’ll most likely be sold out! They are going fast with some distribution into France, Germany amd beyond.If you are in the US you can get all 8 releaeses in the series for just $45 plus $7 shipping – $60 for international shipping. Go here if you have not ordered you set yet. SHIPPING END of NOV JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY!

Please click like on our Facebook page if you have not already and share the page. Or pastes the flyer into an email to some friends you know.

Now put on your boots and give me some of that ole moonstompin’!

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.