Monday Video Flashback: Hepcat “Bobby & Joe”

Monday Video FlashbackHepcat needs to play another show and soon dammit. This is a fact. Hepcat is (not was) the number one modern ska band in the world. That is impossible to argue against. The live shows are always sweat drenched affairs. The music is intoxicating and man can they dance! The twin vocal delivery of Alex Desert and Greg Lee is unmatched in modern ska. The U.S. scene needs a shot in the arm to show the kids how it’s done.

The U.S. ska scene is stagnant right now with no new bands to take the stage like The Slackers, Hepcat, Let’s Go Bowling, Deal’s Gone Bad, etc. Where are the new bands? Where is the excitement? I want to dance and be entertained. It would be nice to see a band actually dress to impress and make me want to dance. I know fashion isn’t everything but there is something to be said for the presentation and respect of what came before.

Don’t get the wrong there are some young promising bands that I have seen but they are still missing something. The songwriting isn’t the very strong and the presentation is just sloppy.

Now on to the video!

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