Monday Video Flashback: Edwin Starr & The Untouchables “Agent 00 Soul”

Monday Video Flashback“Agent OO Soul report to HQ at once, the Tiki brothers have stolen all the Untouchable tickets.”

Since we’re on the mod ska tip (while we are primarily a reggae blog there is certainly room for a little discussion on other topics that strike our fancy) and we discussed The Untouchables a few days ago here’s another dose of that early 80’s sound to get your Monday and work week started just right.

Not only that but we’ve got a triple treat of vinyl video goodness for your viewing and listening pleasure. It’s been tough out there so hopefully one of these morsels will help you get your rainy weekend behind you. Now on to the videos!

The original “Agent Double ‘O’ Soul” was the late great soul crooner Edwin Starr having released this cut on his first single in 1965 on the Ric Tic label (before it was absorbed by Motown of course) and inspired by the James Bond films that were popular at the time.

This is the Untouchables take inspired by that original hit with a little updating.

Here’s another cut by artist Alex Harvey released in 1965 for the Fontana label.

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