Millie Small 1964 Interview

Millie SmallHere’s an interesting video of Millie Small being interviewed in 1964. Thought this was a nice follow up to this week’s Monday Video Flashback.

The information posted with the video says the following: “Millie Small captured on tape December 1964 when she was 17 years old by Finnish National TV. This small interview in Finnish/English captures her desire to “stay in the show business for a long time”. Sadly she became a one hit wonder. Where is she now?”

I don’t agree with that statement at all as her wikipedia entry mentions “Millie was not a one-hit wonder. For example, subsequent recordings such as “Sweet William” and “Bloodshot Eyes”, both charted in the UK at numbers 30 and 48, respectively” and she continued to tour into the 70’s.

While not a top 10 star she did carve out a respectable career and if only remembered for her smash hit then that’s more then enough in the ska history books.

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