Melodians & Errol Dunkley to Play Riverside Barn Feb 8

The Melodians

The Melodians will be making another stop on their round of shows on the Westcoast – pulling up at the UC Riverside campus Barn venue in Riverside of course on Wednesday February 8.

This Barn has held so many great shows over it’s long existence. I remember going there in the 90’s many times. Making that long trip to the IE thinking where the hell is this place, getting there and saying to myself “It really is a barn! What the hell!”. Once getting into the place it turns out to be a pretty good venue and remember having such great times there when I did go.

The Melodians last played Biacci’s in Ontario in 2009 to a very enthusiastic crowd who welcomed them as returning heroes almost. This show will be nothing less I’m sure as it’s a better venue. They never disappoint playing their hits and will be sure to wow the crowd again this time.

Just watch this video of them playing Biacci’s in 2009 to get an idea of what to look forward to.

The Melodians were without a doubt one of the greatest rock steady groups to come out of Jamaica, cutting classics such as the “Rivers of Babylon” and “Sweet Sensation” and Errol Dunkley makes a triumphant return to the West Coast with his hits like “You’re Gonna Need Me”, “Please Stop Your Lying” and “Black Cinderella”.

The UCR Bard is located at 900 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92521.
You can purchase tickets via Ticketmaster here or at the door for $12 Non UCR Students or just $5 if you are.

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