Madness Play Live On Top Of The Palace

Madness Buckingham PalaceFor the Queen’s Diamond (that’s 60 years on the throne!) Jubilee ceremony the Nutty Boys were blessed to be asked to play from the roof of Buckingham Palace. What an idea! Beat that Beatles! Oh wait McCartney did do a couple songs too. Damn.

Of course it was an amazing performance as the 12,000 strong crowd watched on with glee. What was especially cool were the projections on the front of the palace as the boys played two of their hits “Our House” and “It Must Be Love”. The Daily Mail had an in-depth overview of the band’s performance with great photos of the show.

At one point the band even changed the lyric in Our House from ‘in the middle of our street’ to ‘in the middle of one’s street’.

Watch this video of their performance from a Dutch TV station (hence the subtitles).

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