LOTS GEMS: Get Hippy with Dynamic Pressure!

dynamic-pressureIn the interest of highlighting modern acts that were little known outside of certain circles, that issued only a few tracks or 1 “45? but were outstanding to see live and ahead of the curve, I’m kicking off a new feature to help spread the word about these “Lost Gems”.

Dynamic Pressure is one of those bands. They were a little known CA act that released just one 45 and a few compilation sides. They made a lasting impression on many people I suspect though. Ask Brian “Boom Boom” Dixon of the Aggrolites what Dynamic Pressure means to him and he’ll probably say “one of the best bands ever” or something to that effect.

They were surely ahead of the curve since they could probably be referred to as the band to first play that “dirty” or skinhead style reggae sound in California that begat the Rhythm Doctors (who will probably get a mention here soon too) and The Aggrolites.

Their only proper release, a 7? record with the song “Automatron” backed with “Set Me Free” was released in 1996. Both cuts are upbeat organ workouts in the classic style of Mittoo and The Upsetters.

The also released a track “Shwint’s Rock” on The West Coast Chronicles Volume One (Steady Beat Recordings) which you can still find sometimes.

Members moved to Hawaii and re-christened themselves the more world-wise and touring act Go Jimmy Go which I am sure needs no introduction to readers of this blog. The rest is history.

Check out this live video of the band doing a version of The Hippy Boys “Death Rides A Horse”.

Here’s ‘Automatron’ from their 45.

Doing a cover of ‘Death Rides A Horse’

and a Live cut from a Whisky A Go Go concert


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