LOST GEM: Ventilators – Roar Oh Lion Single

Ventilators - Roar Oh LionI forget where I first heard about this single “Roar oh Lion” but it was recently while searching around the internet. I noticed it because the band name is the same as another band that I really love.

That band started in early 1990’s in Switzerland and released a number of albums in that late 80’s/ early 90’s British Ska sound. I had actually discovered that band when a buddy of mine walked into one of the only record shops in the city we were living in at the time that was more geared to everything rock and modern – no Ska to speak of at all – but there it was, this CD Blue Beat Train, from this band The Ventilators, tucked behind a Green Day album probably.

But back to the single I was telling you about in the first place. I checked out the video online for the track and while the singer sounds similar it’s a straight up killer UK Roots style number rather than the Ska I was expecting. Can’t be the same band at all for obvious reasons. Almost nothing is known about this band from what I can find online. Back in 2010 someone even asked on the Chatty Mouth forum for any info about the band with no one responding.

This rare single was issued on the Vinyl Supply label in 1986 years before the other Swiss Ventilators band formed. Well this is on my buy list now except it seems the price for it has gone crazy. A recent ebay auction ended on Nov. 11 of last year with a winning bid approximately US $155.28!!

Here are the two tracks from the single.

“Roar Oh Lion”

“Soldier Of Jah”

If anyone has any info on this band I’d love to hear it!

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