Lost Bob Marley & The Wailers Footage to Be Shown

(© Esther Anderson 1973. All rights reserved)

A film charting the rise of Bob Marley and The Wailers to international stardom – made from footage shot in the early 1970s and lost for 30 years – is set to get its first public viewing.

The footage was shot by Esther Anderson and shows practice and personal moments at Island House, then Island Records’ office, at 56 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, which is now home to the Bob Marley museum as Chris Blackwell, Island Records and the band prepared to launch the Catch A Fire album.

The recordings were lost until 2000, when a British documentary maker, Jeremy Marre, arrived to interview Esther for his own documentary, Rebel Music. She soon realised that among the archive material he had with him were tapes she had filmed back in the early 70’s! She decided to tell her own story: Bob Marley – The Making of a Legend.

While there are already a few inaccurate statements (and coming from the BBC!) or just plain lapses in memory like this one: “The band was on a promotional tour for The Wailers’ first album, Catch a Fire,” – any lost footage of a great artist is worthwhile in seeing. The Wailers as a group had already been recording in one form for almost a decade.

You can see a small clip at the website.


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