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London International Ska Fest 2012 Update: Noel Davies’ Selecter & Hotknives

London International Ska Festival 2012The first 2 bands to be added to next years London International Ska Festival were announced some time ago but I failed to post who they were. In case you missed it here they are: one of 2 Tone’s greatest musicians and writers Neol Davies aka The Selecter and the original line up of one of the best ska bands Britain has ever produced – the Hotknives.

The Hotknives were one of the highlights of last years event. They really got the crowd moving and jumping like few are able to and I would love to see em again.

As the founder and songwriter of The Selecter Neol Davies penned a string of classic 2 Tone hits that resonate as much today as they ever did. ‘Too Much Pressure’, ‘On My Radio’, ‘Three Minute Hero’, ‘Missing Words’, ‘Celebrate The Bullet’ and the instrumental that sparked it all, the sublime AA-side to The Specials ‘Gangsters’, ‘The Selecter’ by The Selecter. 30 years on Neol returns with a sharp and powerful ten piece band, classic hits and scorching new songs, bringing the 2 Tone style and passion into the 21st century.

Neol Davies aka The Selecter live at KOKO, London

Alongside world-class performances from Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths, Dave & Ansel’s superb reformation and Rico Rodriguez guesting with The Trojans, the Hotknives were the highlight of this year’s London Intl Ska Festival. They were quite simply phenomenal raising the roof with a superb performance which won them the biggest crowd reaction of the festival. Due to huge popular demand we are delighted to have the original line up of the Hotknives returning next year. Their superb anthemic songwriting made them hugely popular all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Their underground classic hits such as ‘Dave & Mary’, ‘Don’t Go Away’, ‘Driving Me Mad’ and ‘Crying’ still pick up worldwide airplay to this day. Amongst rumours of a brand new album, we are honoured to have them back for the third time!

Hotknives live at The London Intl Ska Festival 2011

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