Listen up skinheads! Roy Ellis – The Boss is Back Full Album Stream

So once again Liquidator Music in Spain has released yet another in a long line of great releases from top legacy and modern artists. How do they do it? Well they’re smart and dedicated for sure. This new release comes from the reinvigorated Roy Ellis – who after years of not doing reggae – more gospel stuff than anything – has come back roaring like a lion with the boss sounds of his youth.

Roy is known the world around as a skinhead reggae ambassador with releases under names like the mighty Symarip, The Pyramids, Bees, Seven Letters – really just names for the same band or group of musicians for different producers and singers – and his recent releases live up to that heritage indeed.

The last couple of years have brought some delicious platters of re-worked and new material. First it was a double LP and CD “The Skinsheads Dem A Come” with stand out tracks like the title track (an upbeat stomper) and the “Judge Dredd”-esque “I Was Busted” track. Duff Guide to Ska ran a review of it after Roy made some much celebrated stateside stops playing in Chicago and San Francisco. Read the full review HERE.

Then it was a 7″ with When Those Skinheads Come Marching In featuring the track “Shine, Shine, Shine” that heats up the classic “When The Saint’s Come Marching In” horn arrangement and melts it down to some tasty reggae deliciousness (per Gabe at the time – read the full review here.)

This newest collection continues that tradition containing 12 tracks of even more modern skinhead soul gold. Some of the tracks veer a little too far into the modern roots “electro horns” and gospelish territory but an overall solid effort. Needless to say more artists like this need to come to LA, need to record new music and we need to get out and support those that are doing it!

1. One Way Ticket To The Moon
2. The Boss Is Back
3. The Skinheads Laugh At Me
4. Everyday You Got Me Crying
5. I Won’t Let Go Your Love
6. The Incredible Things You Do
7. She Called Me Up
8. The Rose
9. Skinhead Johney & Susy
10. She Surely Pick Me Up
11. I’ve Got The Music
12. What A Nice Time

Listen up Skinheads! The Boss is Back! Here is a full stream playlist of the whole album for your aural pleasure – so put your braces together and your boots on your feet – this is some old moonstompin’!

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