Liquidator Releases New Roy & Yvonne Single

Roy & Yvonne with The Shifters 45Roy Panton and Yvonne Harrison only recorded a handful of tunes together back in the early 60’s, many of which can be found on the recently released Liquidator album Studio Recordings 1961-1970. Sometime in the last couple of years though they decided to get back together and burst onto the stage as a duo once more.

Last December they headed to Mexico for a big Ska and Reggae Weekender. Check out some of that performance here. Back in March they were backed by the outstanding Prizefighters in Chicago for the Jamaican Oldies Weekend and next week they hit the long running Rototom Sunsplash, now in it’s 20th year, in fact.

During their time back together they managed to drop into the studio with a fine young backing band from Washington DC called The Shifters. The band have been working through various line-ups over the last couple of years but have finally come together around Teddy ‘Dosdedos’ Garcia of Los Granadians fame and Keith Duncan, a long time and big player in the DC Ska scene.

Two of those tunes worked their way to Liquidator head honcho (via Teddy of course) and have now been released as a brand new 7 inch single. The tunes, “Ohh La La” and “Moving On Check”, sound as great as any of their older material. Just check out the preview clip below.

The new release is limited to only 500 copies so it’s a good bet to try to snatch one of them up now. Copesetic has some copies right now and check the Liquidator site for so many more great releases.

Seems like they have no plans to stop this train now.

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