Linton Kwesi Johnson Poet Meets Poet Documentary

LKJ DocumentrayHere’s something a little different. Linton Kwesi Johnson is the father of Dub poetry and became only the second living poet and first black poet to have his work published in Penguin`s Modern Classic series. Édouard Glissant has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature for his writings on creolization processes and aesthetics of worldliness and is widely acknowledged one of the most important Caribbean writers of the past half-century. Both poets are major key-figures of this and the last century. So what happens when thsee two old friends meet on a summer day to discuss the matter of things in the world? Find out in this short documentary that features the poets together and includes music by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky. Expand your mind a bit!

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