Let’s Go Bowling Resurfaces Lanes

LGB Fresno Sept 24 Flyer

LGB Fresno Sept 24 Flyer

When I said the Los Angeles scene was “dead” yesterday I meant it. You have bands like Hepcat, The Allentons, See Spot, The Aggrolites, The Inciters, etc, playing of course. They are the old guard though and still do it better than most. But where is the new breed? The young punks? The Rudeboys? Where is the SKA?! That’s what I want to know.

I said yesterday that when you get a chance to catch one of the founders (like the Skatalites) or a true originator (like Bad Manners) then you better take your chance to do it. Even if they are a bit older and slower they still put on a great show. There are a couple of bands I mention when talking to “the youngins” about music. I’ll say go see so-and-so and then tell me what a ska band should be.

Well this is one of those bands. Let’s Go Bowling. Seriously – LET’S GO BOWLING and take some skinheads with us. This band should be seen by all. It’s been over 20 years since they first took the stage with the likes of Hepcat and The Donkey Show and they can still pack the dancefloor. Let’s Go Bowling rarely plays (as much as we would like) but like Hepcat that might be the key to it all. Come out once a year, play like you mean it and go back into hiding for another year (although even Hepcat does a round of shows unlike LGB who can only seem to play in their hometown of Fresno).

Really though, LGB is one of the greats of the genre. They’ve grown older, maybe wiser and never let you down. Catch them if you are in the Fresno area September 24th and then tell me that wasn’t a great show. Go on! Just try to tell me that wasn’t an experience. Until the Specials come back again.

Let’s Go Bowling plays Friday, September 24th with King Sugar at Audie’s Olympic (formerly Club Fred) – 1426 North Van Ness Avenue – Fresno, CA 93728-1939 – (559) 233-3733

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