Leonard Dillon The Ethiopian Has Died


As first reported yesterday on the IrieFM website and now confirmed from the Jamaican Observer The Ethiopian Leonard Dillon passed away yesterday from lung and prostate cancer.

According to his daughter, Patrice, he was first diagnosed with a brain a tumour and he did an operation in February to remove it, returning home “quite well and okay”. In June, he fell ill again and this time he was diagnosed with lung, brain and prostate cancer.

The Ethiopians were known for amazing classics such as “Engine 54”, “Train To Skaville”, “Everything Crash”, “Reggae Hit the Town”, “Fire a Muss Muss Tail” and so many more. Meeting Peter Tosh in ’64 led to meeting the other Wailers and then being introduced to Clement “Coxsone” Dodd at Studio One, where he made his first recordings under the name Jack Sparrow.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform here in Los Angeles at the Dub Club and it’s sad to note another great has passed away. This comes on the heels of promised new material from him on Young Cub Records, home to the Aggrolites, as they have been preparing a new release. It’s crazy in fact to know that just a day before the news hit that a digital 45 release hit the iTunes store featuring new tracks “Good You Do” and “My Lady” from the album he had recorded with The Silvertones.

Another foundation artist has passed which makes getting to the NYC Dig Deeper event with Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd even more important this weekend if you can. These artists have given their lives for the music and it’s sad when another ones passes but their music lives on as long as we keep it moving forward.

Forward on the Train to Skaville!


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