King Stitt Lives!

King Stitt Live

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Reports were false as happens sometimes on the internet but it has been confirmed that King Stitt is alive but not of the hospital or healthy yet.

Speaking with The Gleaner, son of the legendary Studio One founder Clement ‘Coxson’ Dodd, Courtney Dodd, disclosed that Stitt was still alive.

Dodd, who also heard rumours about Stitt’s passing, said, “He’s sick and was in the hospital for two months.”

According to Dodd, Stitt was in the Kingston Public Hospital for the last two months after coming from Brazil and reportedly not feeling well. Stitt was released from the hospital on Saturday, but according to Dodd, the doctors haven’t yet discovered what is causing his illness.

“I saw him Saturday,” Dodd said. He added, “He’s not looking so good, He’s still weak and not eating. He’s lost a lot of weight and not talking much.”


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