Killer JJ Rocksteady Reissue with The Rulers

A very rare Rocksteady killer of a tune popped up on a 300 unit limited edition release recently. It’s pretty much sold out at all the sellers that had copies so don’t even try. It features The Rulers with The Carib Beats “Let My People Go” backed with “JJ Special”. These are original 1967 recordings and it’s made quiet a splash around the Reggae pool.

The A side “let My People Go” made Dancecrasher’s top 100 Rocksteady Tunes of All Time list landing at number 64. He had this to say about the tune:

Possibly one of the rarest tunes that will feature on this list and definitely one of the deepest… so much so in fact that it is a bit of an acquired taste.

“Let My People Go” was covered by Keith Wilson for Studio One as “God I God I Say” which is a roots masterpiece in it’s own right, but the original has a haunting quality that makes it totally unique.

“Let My People Go” by the Rulers was only ever released on a Jamaican blank and needless to say hasn’t been re-issued. Surprisingly given Heartbeat and Soul Jazz’s ongoing association with Studio One the Keith Wilson version has not been re-issued either.

Deadly Dragon Sound in NY tweeted that it was “One of the finest reissues I have ever heard”.
Deadly Dragon Sound One of the finest reissues I have ever heard:

It’s worth noting that a few years back a pre-release of the Rulers cut (backed by “Riding High”) sold on ebay for a whopping $819.00in fact!!

Side A
Side B

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