Kickstart Rude Boy with The Heptones Film Project

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign I just might have to get behind. It’s for a new film called Rude Boy (not to be confused with The Clash’s film of the same name or the Jamaican gangster flick or even this more modern Ska-centric film that’s been “in-production” for years). This Rude Boy film is the coming-of-age story of Winston Brown who navigates the shanty town gangs, recording studios and government yards of Jamaica one step ahead of the police.  It tells the tale of Winston the artist as he pioneers Ska music into Rock Steady and Reggae all the while celebrating his Rastafarian transformation and reaching rock star status. Jamaican recording artist/actor Lennox Buppy (pronounced boopy) Brown is cast as the titular character.

There seems to be a lot of somewhat random info on the Kickstarter page but it does say The Heptones are involved as partners helping create new music for the score. It also says there are firm commitments from Danny Glover (THE COLOR PURPLE, LETHAL WEAPON) to star and Mario Van Peebles (NEW JACK CITY, BAADASSSSS!) as director respectively. Jerry Offsay (BAADASSSSS!, EIGHT MEN OUT) was President of Programming for Showtime Networks until 2003 is a producing partner. Sounds like a good start.

Not sure how far along they are though (other than the website and kickstarter) or how concrete the deal is – they are only asking for $1000 to get the project under way. Maybe they are going for less is more to make sure they get some money but that doesn’t seem like nearly enough money at all to get anything started in Hollywood. Well it isn’t of course and if you take the time to read further it says “Prep, Shoot and Wrap cost approximately $1M minimum to get us going – and there’s another $600K in post, music, general expense minimum and $300K in associated fees we’ll gladly accept. We offer and you deserve compete transparency.” That means they actually need more like $2,000,000! That makes more sense. So what does that say if they get funded for WAY less then they actually need – what happens then if it isn’t finished for those that pledged? UPDATE: I must have read that WAY wrong as they need $1,000,000!!! Oops – gotta stop doing these at 3am in the morning. It changes things dramatically as now it’s more about raising awareness of the film more so than actual funds.

Viewing the Bruce Wayne Gillies IMDB page sure does look impressive with a lot of credits but nothing huge. That’s fine we love independent cinema for sure. Visit the website for more info: and check out the Kickstarter Page for what you can get for helping fund this film. For now though go ahead and watch the trailer for the project below.

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