Kevin Batchelor Stages Grand Concourse Release

“Steps from the D train with his apartment window facing the Grand Concourse in Bronx, New York is where you will often find Kevin Batchelor…” his official bio starts. Calling New York his home for over 25 years has inspired Kevin to make passionate music about the daily life and noise of the city. He was born in 1960 in St. Louis, Missouri and met his destiny at the age of thirteen. He had stumbled upon the Miles Davis record Milestones and was instantly captivated by the sound of the trumpet.

Over the past 10 years you could find Kevin touring the world with the legendary Skatalites, originators of the music. Before that he appeared with greats such as Sugar Minot, Steel Pulse and Big Mountain. A pedigree of talent sure and after issuing the over looked but enjoyable Batchelor Party CD 6 years ago he’s found time to record another set of wonderful tunes as front man of a new group of very talented musicians called fittingly enough Grand Concourse.

Grand Concourse, the band, is an all-star collective of New York based musicians to say the least. It features Slackers/The Insteps/Stubborn All-Stars/Dave Hillyard Rocksteady 7/Jammyland All Stars’ Eddie Ocampo on drums, The Toasters/New York Ska Jazz Ensemble’s Dan Jeselsohn on bass, saxophonist Tony Orbach from Urban Blight, Westbound Train’s Gideon Blumenthal on keys and Jonny Meyers on guitar returning to his native Queens after recording and touring with Austin, TX band The Stingers.

You can watch the band perform the tune “Five Minutes” at the Knitting Factory in NYC below.

Recording in Gideon’s Manhattan office space come recording studio, they finished the debut recordings and released it via Mossburg Music. Mossburg have released a music from The Stingers, Contra Coup, The Notables, Doreen Shafer & LA’s The Bashments,

Samples from the album can be heard on Kevin’s Facebook player here.

You can order a CD at Mossburg Music here or digitally via itunes.

Track List
1. Leave It Alone
2. Blues
3. Sad Town, New York
4. Sunday
5. The Singer (dedicated to Laurel Aitken)
6. Fly
7. Five Minutes
8. Lonely One
9. Your Man
10. When You Lay Your Head
11. New Orleans

Bonus Tracks
12. Where Are You Going
13. There Was A Time

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.