Ken Boothe Launches A New Journey

Ken Booth JourneyKen Boothe has been busy recording a new collection of tunes. Hard at work recording at his Kingston home studio, the album, titled “Jpurney” is. according to Boothe, a statement on his life and career. He stretches his mainly Rocksteady and Soul catalog by trying a little dancehall, the Observer reports.

“All of us have a journey and this is my journey which my mother and father started from conception to birth,” said the singer.

Boothe is hoping that new tracks like “I Can See Love In Your Eyes”, “Dancehall Girl” and “Give Thanks” will help change the popular notion that Jamaican music is waning the Observer quotes.

There is a video for the title track “Journey” which you can watch below. It is a bit more contemporary sounding than most of his notable work such as hit songs like “The Train Is Coming”, “Everything I Own”, “Puppet on a String” and “Artihella”.

The video features Ken looking a bit like a zombie to tell you the truth but his voice is in prime shape sounding ever so much like the true professional he is. True artists must continue to make new music even if most fans don’t care for it. This happens with every artist on the planet that is around for more than their 15 minutes of fame. I think it’s great that he is trying a little something fresh even if I would love to see him write new material that harks back to the golden age of Jamaican music.

The new album Journey is expected to be released this October.

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