Ken Boothe In Sweden

Ken Boothe

Photo by Christian Bordey

Ken Boothe performed in Sweden for the first time in August of last year. In fact he’s been making a lot of new stops around Europe over the last 5 years. Does that sound strange to you cause it does me. He’s been touring and major force since the 60’s and he’s still making trips to new lands he has yet to bring his soulful reggae voice to. That’s amazing! The guy is 63 years old and still has the voice that makes you remember why you feel in love with Reggae in the first place.

He took some time to answer some questions from Erik Magni, who does a curates a great blog called Reggaemani after his performance at the Uppsala Reggae Festival where he talks a little bit about his musical journey over the last 40+ years. Read the full piece at United Reggae here.

Embedded below is his performance from the festival in 3 parts which I’ve gone ahead and made a playlist for so you can watch it in it’s entirety. Enjoy!!

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