Joey Altruda Presents: Vinyl Meltdown – ohhhhh!


I have just begun a weekly podcast connected to the Reserve website.
(Reserve is a retail store on Fairfax Ave in L.A., which represents all labels maunufactured under the FreshJive clothing company. It also specializes in books & magazines related to grapghic design, photography, and all things pop-cultural)

Every week Reserve will post up a new radio show called Vinyl Meltdown hosted by yours truly, spinning rare and esoteric music of different decades all the way back to the 1920s.

I will also be featuring occasional guests who will bring gems from their crate diggings for a bit of show & tell.

Each show will stay posted as an archive so you can re-listen any time you wish, or download the show as an MP3.

Copy & Paste This Link & Enjoy!


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Time: 1:14:46

Los Angeles native and music aficionado Joey Altruda hosts his new show, Vinyl Meltdown, on Reserve Radio. Joey has been a fixture on the L.A. Music scene since the early 80s with his previous bands Tupelo Chain Sex, Joey Altruda’s Mambo Noir Orchestra and Jump With Joey along with compositional scores for motion pictures. He also owns the longest running recording studio here in L.A, formerly known as Electro Vox Studios and now is known as Joey’s Place.

La Comparsita: Paolo Moura
Ramble: Rico Rodriguez
Born Loser: Derrick Harriot
Sesame Street: Scotty & The Crystalites
Away From It All: Don Drummond
The Hunter: Prince Buster All Stars
A Genius Is A Rare Thing Jones: Stan Willis
My Kinda Woman: The Emmit Slay Trio
Pettin & Pokin: Louis Jordan
Love Me: The Phantom
Honey Rock: Barney Kessell
Toots Shor’s Blues: Elmer Bernstein
Theme From The Hustler: Kenyon Hopkins
Curacao: Arsenio Rodriguez
Cha Cha Chica: El Gran Fellove
Mambo Sideral: Samuel Tellez Y Su Combo
Tumbao # 9: Juanito Marquez
Enlightment: Sun Ra
The Fang: Nervous Norvus
The Mummy: Bob McFadden
White Fang: Soupy Sales
Astro Boy Theme: The Cosmic Ranger Band
Disneyland: The Sandpipers
Shoppin For Clothes: The Coasters
Don’t Think I Will: Young Jesse
One Time So Fine: Ramblin James & The Billy Boppers

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.