Jimmy Cliff Unauthorized Biography Preview

Jimmy Cliff is without a doubt one of the greatest living artists of our time – not just known as a Reggae superstar but an international movie star and known the world around for his long recording career. He’s always pushed the envelope with his music not just sitting back on his past hits. He’s had stage musicals made about him, recorded with punk gods, stood up for the downtrodden and spoke out against things he feels are wrong with the world. His road to the height of notoriety and acclaim has taken him everywhere.

David Katz has also dedicated himself to the music of the island having written 2 essential books People Funny Boy: the Genius of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Solid Foundation: an Oral History of Reggae along with countless other pieces as contributor and annotator of over 100 collections of Jamaican music.

So it’s great to hear that Mr. Katz has turned his attention to the Harder They Come star Jimmy Cliff. In a new unauthorized biography, David Katz tells how Jimmy battled poverty, controversy and prejudice to become a world-class musician credited with making reggae popular with a global audience. It is based on extensive interviews with the artist and his peers as well as press archives and other sources.

The book is part of a series called Caribbean Lives which details the history of great people from the Caribbean including Bob Marley, Revolutionary Che Guevara and Cricket player Learie Constantine.

Macmillan Publishers have kindly allowed a preview of the book with a PDF of the first 9 pages which you can view in our flip book feature Jimmy Cliff Unathorized Biography below or download for later.

Click image for pop-up flip book preview.

Jimmy Cliff: an Unauthorized Biography is set to be released soon but I have seen 2 slightly different covers (same picture just one is cropped closer) and 2 release dates with Amazon saying both that it’s out of print and not for sale yet with 2 different publishers. So there is some confusion of when it will actually be available but what isn’t in dispute is that it will be a great history lesson about a true legend from an amazingly in-depth writer. Just read the preview and judge for yourself.

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