It’s Time To Recreate The Skatalites

Tommy McCook & The Skatalites

As time passes on more and more of the legends pass to the great stage in the sky. The Skatalites being the original Ska supergroup is left with just 2 original members and one does not tour with the band.

With the passing of time comes more desire to keep the flame of Jamaican music alive with a new younger Skatalites band. The real purpose is to instill in the younger generation a sense of history and inspire creativity.

To that end Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin is on a mission to recreate that sense of musicianship with a new Skatalites band reports the Jamaican Observer.

“This project that I am doing is called the Young Skatalites. Because most of the Skatalites members are from Alpha Boys School. And we are trying to keep that tradition and let these guys know that this is where the music hatched, it cannot stop,” Sparrow Martin told The Sunday Observer.

“So, therefore now,” he continues, “what I do is to take these guys between the age of 19 to 25 and I said to them the Skatalites are not with us anymore but we are going to keep the music going. And we have been rehearsing at the Unity Church on Old Hope Road.”

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