Hepcat Live at Whisky 1992 Digital Release

Hepcat Live @ Whisky 1992NOW HEAR DIS!
Hepcat is in a class by themselves. Always have been always will. They’ve released some of the best modern Ska records and kill it live. Recorded in 1992 when Hepcat was opening for Desmond Dekker at the Whisky A-Go-Go in Los Angeles. Dave Hillyard found it in his archives, and worked with Whatevski Records to restore it.

The release features a classic line-up of the band with Greg Lee – Vocals, Alex Desert – Vocals, Deston Berry – Vocals, Keyboards, Greg Narvas – Drums, Dave Fuentes – Bass, Dennis Wilson – Guitar, Raul Talavera – Alto Saxophone, Percussion and Dave Hillyard – Tenor Saxophone

Whatevski Records has been steadily releasing live or rare digital releases from mainly The Slackers and their many side projects. The quality is good and they are doing a fine job of putting the packages together.

Here is the tracklisting:
1) Hooligans > Lonesome 6:14
2) Same O Same O 4:30
3) Clarence Thomas 4:07
4) The Secret 2:40
5) Run Joe 2:52
6) Dance Wid Me 3:39
7) Earthquake & Fire 2:28
8) Crowd Banter 1:00
9) Skavez 3:47
10) Prison of Love 4:14
11) Artibella 3:06
12) Nigel 2:43
13) Afro Blue 3:55

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