Harder They Come Film Remake In The Works

Photo from stage version of The Harder They Come

Variety is reporting and picked up by Latino Review that Justine Henzell and her producing partners are making a remake of her father’s, Perry Hanzell, movie classic The Harder They Come.

The story quotes one of the producing partners Conquering Lion’s Damon D’Oliveira as saying ““Next year is the 50th anniversary of Jamaica and the 40th anniversary of the original film, so the timing is perfect,” While I agree that the time is great to try to create something new and bring notice to this very important anniversary. I don’t think this is at all it.

Please tell me after the musical which got good reviews that they are not going to try to really remake this. The story says it’s “a re-imagining that will move to contemporary reggae and reggae-influenced grooves.” Meaning it will have nothing in common with the original – how could it really – and just be trading on the name of Jimmy Cliff. Are they gonna ask him to make an appearance as well? I would hope so. That would at leats give it a little credit for trying.

Read the full piece here: www.variety.com

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