Granadians New Album Reggalactico Is Out Now

Los Granadians "Reggalactico" AlbumOne of the best 60’s revival bands in the world today, ever since their flying saucer landed for good touching down in Spain more than 12 years ago, Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior has just dropped a new album of funky organ driven reggae music.?

The new album, their 11th, is released on ‘Reggae Sideral’, a sub-label of their longtime label Liquidator Music which focuses on the bands own productions.?? The release features 12 new tracks of their distinctive Granadian sound using the sounds of 1960’s Jamaica as inspiration mixed in with a little Latin rock and upbeat Rhythm & Blues sounds of the day.

The album has been released on vinyl with a CD enclosed which is very nice. It can be ordered from the Liquidator site. Hopefully there will be a US shop that will carry the album for ease of ordering.

These guys never disappoint as we’ve mentioned before and every chance to get some new material from these always young and exciting cats is a welcome day.

Check out this video promoting the new release with clips from each track on the album.

The band also were able to create a music video for their song “Problemas”. It’s a funky video befitting the band themselves. It shows them playing on the beach and in a desert with cactus all around in their new black, red and green get-ups. It’s a wicked tune and I know I can’t wait to get the new album.

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