Gleaner: Is there still rebel music?

Mel Cooke at the Jamaican Gleaner posted a piece asking a simple question “Is there still rebel music?” a while back and it’s an interesting question indeed. Even with as much strife there is around the world, and we’re not too political here, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of strong social trends in lyrical content of musicians these days.

Gone are the days of deep roots music extolling the virtues of the true Rastafari movement (not the lame excuse of it in most Reggae today that seems to zero in on the one aspect of smoking Ganja as the only part that they have to adhere to) , or the social unrest of the early 80’s Margaret Thatcher’s UK 2 Tone most notably in The Specials’ “Ghost Town” or “Free Nelson Mandela”.

So what makes a true rebel? Are there any bands that are really trying to talk about issues affecting the people of the world. Tell us in the comments section.

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