Gleaner: Dave & Ansel Collins Ignite UK Ska Festival

Dave & Ansel Collins LISF

Dave & Ansel Collins @ London International Ska Festival Backed by The Caroloregians

The Jamaican Gleaner posted a review of the reunited Dave & Ansel Collins at the London International Ska Festival today. The proclaim Dave & Ansel Collins Ignite UK Ska Festival and I agree. They were a highlight for sure. Seeing them together and hearing Dave Barker’s distinctive voice and calls backed by Ansel Collins on the keys with The Caroloregians as the band was amazing indeed. I have to say though that Marcia Griffiths closing the whole weekend on Sunday night as the last performer really ignited it for me. She was absolutely brilliant and a fitting end to the whole show. More on that in another post.

The Gleaner does a nice recap of songs performed by the mighty duo and I can back it up. Ansel Collins came out first and laid down some wicked instrumentals including “Night Doctor”, “Night Of Love”, “Stalag 17” done in ska style and “High Voltage”. It was a solid set of hits from this veteran performer. Then he proceeded to introduce Dave Baker who launched into classics like “Do Your Thing”, “Shocks Of Mighty”, “Monkey Spanner”, “Just My Imagination”, “Prisoner of Love”, “Warrior” and “Blowing In The Wind” and of course “Double Barrel”.

They both looked like they were having a great time with the material. The Caroloregians were more than capable backing band for them and worked the material with great enthusiasm as well. If you have not checked out this band then i suggest you do so as their releases are top notch indeed.

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