Get Ready For Some Of That Old Moonstompin‘!

FROM TROJAN WEBSITE: Get Ready For Some Of That Old Moonstompin‘!

Get Ready For Some Of That Old Moonstompin‘!The long-awaited 2 CD deluxe edition of Symarip’s ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ album is soon to issue. Comprised of the original 12 tracks, augmented by an incredible 34 tracks, a number of which have never previously been released, the set follows the group’s career from their late sixties singles for Graeme Goodall’s Doctor Bird Records through to their early seventies work with Bruce White and Tony Cousins of Creole Records.

Once more we would like to thank Steve Hoare, Philippe Terral, Chris Silles, the Bush Doctor and Kevin & Stephen Nye, whose contributions have enabled us to present what is the most comprehensive collection of the group’s work ever to see issue.

DISC #1:
1. Skinhead Moonstomp (as Symarip)
2. Phoenix City (as Symarip)
3. Skinhead Girl (as Symarip)
4. Try Me Best (as Symarip)
5. Skinhead Jamboree (as Symarip)
6. Chicken Merry (as The Pyramids)
7. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (as Symarip)
8. Must Catch A Train (as Symarip)
9. Skin Flint (as Symarip)
10. Stay With Him (as The Pyramids)
11. Fung Shu (as Symarip)
12. You’re Mine (as Symarip)

13. The Fit (aka Wish) (as Seven Letters)
14. Please Stay (as The Seven Letters)
15. Special Beat (as The Seven Letters)
16. Flour Dumpling (as Seven Letters)
17. Equality (as The Seven Letters)
18. Mama Me Want Girl (as The Seven Letters)
19. Sentry (as The Seven Letters)
20. Soul Crash (as The Seven Letters)
21. Throw Me Things (as The Seven Letters)
22. There Goes My Heart (as Seven Letters)
23. Bam Bam Baji (as Seven Letters)

DISC #2:

1. Hold Him Joe (as Symarip)
2. Tomorrow At Sundown (as Symarip)
3. Parson’s Corner (aka Vindication) (as Symarip)
4. Redeem (as Symarip)
5. La Bella Jig (as Symarip)
6. Holidays By The Sea (as Symarip)
7. I‘m A Puppet (as Symarip)
8. Feel Alright (as The Pyramids)
9. Telstar (as The Pyramids)
10. Geronimo (as The Pyramids)
11. To Sir With Love (as The Pyramids)
12. Reggae Shuffle (as The Pyramids)
13. All For You (as The Pyramids)
14. Stingo (as The Pyramids)
15. Mosquito Bite (as The Pyramids)
16. Mother’s Bath (as The Pyramids)
17. Can’t Leave Now (as The Pyramids)
18. Teardrops (as The Pyramids)
19. Stop The Train (as The Pyramids)*
20. Black And White (as The Pyramids)*
21. Lasting Treasure (as The Pyramids)*
22. That’s Nice (as The Pyramids)*
23. Funky Broadway (Rock Steady) (Roy Ellis & Rico’s band)*
* Previously unissued tracks

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