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Gaz’s Rockin Blues Celebrates 31 Years with Specials’ Jerry Dammers & Dennis Alcapone

Gaz's Rockin Blues Celebrates 31 Years with Dj Jerry Dammers and Dennis AlcaponeCongratulations to Gaz Mayall and his Rockin Blues Club who celebrate 31 years with special guest DJ Jerry Dammers & boss pon the mic Dennis Alcapone tomorrow night at it’s regular spot in London. It’s amazing to have a club run for 3 years let alone 30!

Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues is an institution and London’s longest running one-nighter club. It was founded by Gaz on the 3rd of July 1980 and was held at Gossip’s on Dean Street, Soho, until November 1995 when it moved to its current venue St Moritz in Wardour Street. Every major and minor artist in Ska and Reggae as well as world, funk, and more has passed through those doors to play for Gaz. That run will never be replicated again.

The eldest son of blues legend John Mayall, Gaz began collecting records aged 17, bulk buying cheap reggae and ska collections down street markets such as Portabello Road and Brick Lane at a time when it seemed no one wanted them. In late 1986 he formed his band The Trojans, and for the last nineteen years has been running his own record label Gaz’s Rockin’ Records, producing ska acts and artists around the world.

If you missed it filmmakers Leo Leigh and Zaid Mudhaffer made a 17 minute documentary highlighting “this fantastic legacy through interviews with Gaz and friends, a unique mix of unsung Soho heroes, ghetto celebrities and music junkies.” You can watch that below since you probably can’t make it to the show.

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Be sure to pick up Gaz’s book “Gaz’s Rockin Blues: The First 30 Years” if you have not. I got this book when it came out last year and it’s an amazing collection of material: a mix of flyers, pictures and stories from the long history of the club.

It’s a wonderful book to flip through over and over again taking care to find something new in the pages and pages of flyers that Steve at Duff Guide said “is devoted to three-decades worth of his completely fantastic DIY gig/club night flyers (hand-drawn and lettered, with graphics nicked and pasted from EC horror comics, MAD Magazine, and 50s pin-up girlie magazines), one of the biggest treats is Gaz’s smart, funny, and matter-of-fact recounting of his professional life’s story.”. Read the VERY in-depth review from Duff Guide here.

If anyone does end up going send us links to any photos or videos you take please. Would love to post up a review of the show. It’s going to be a party for sure and we hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.