FREE DOWNLOAD: Sanjay ft Jimmy Cliff – Harder They Fall

Following up on the Harder They Come covers post and the new Jimmy Cliff/ Tim Armstrong track we did last week comes another cover by an artist named Sanjay. He’s done a dancehall mix of the tune and is offering it as a FREE download to boot! I don’t cover dancehall if ever on this site as most readers will know but thought it was a pretty good track that fit well with the other recent posts I mentioned.

The Jamaican Observer did a write up about it in which they said:

The single features Jimmy Cliff and in some aspects stays true to the reggae roots of the original track but still accredits the new age dancehall sounds that is true to Washroom Entertainment and most definitely true to Sanjay’s style of reggae-dancehall.

Sanjay then added:

“I would like to think that this remix is done in a way that gives the song even more contemporary relevance while staying true to its original message of confident and strong-willed bravado.”

Read more at the Jamaican Observer.

Take a minute and watch the video below for the tune.

You can also DOWNLOAD the track here too. DOWNLOAD NOTE: Only offering this download since the artist himself has it up as such.

What do you think about this cover?

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