Free Debonaires & Boogaloo Assassins Show!

Boogaloo Debonaires FlyerWhat a great show this is going to be and an awesome way to get the new year party started in style. Both of these bands Boogaloo Assassins and The Debonaires are masters of their craft with many many years of talent and previous band experience behind each of them.

East Harlem is a long way from West Pico, but every first Friday, the Boogaloo Assassins close the distance. The band’s dozen or so members crowd a small stage at club/bar the Mint, and as the midnight crowd mills about, they launch into the insistent bass line of Monguito Santamaria’s “Groovetime,” one of the many Latin soul classics the Assassins have in the repertoire. Sometimes, they remix things a bit, overlaying “Groovetime” with the refrain from Joe Cuba’s “El Pito”: “I’ll never go back to Georgia … I’ll never go back.” But back they do go, returning 40 years to the heyday of the Latin boogaloo, a music from the heart of Spanish Harlem, which the Assassins are reviving in the cradle of L.A.

Read the rest of this article about everything that makes the Boogaloo Assassins kick ass in this recent piece from the LA Weekly.

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