First Look at Laurel Aitken Moondust Viny

It’s been a bit of time since the last update on the Reggae 69 Fan Club and Moondust Releases. Well things are moving along slowly but well worth the wait. The biggest news is of course that the first 8 releases are in various stages of production. That and the first image of the label and vinyl with the UK style center punch has also been released! Yes it’s true! The new releases will have the 60’s style center punch – the first new releases with this style center in fact that I know of. Can’t get more old school than that right? Just check out the image below and tell me that doesn’t make you salivate.

And yes that is indeed the Godfather of Ska Laurel Aitken for the first release BUT the only way to get it is to order the full collection via the website. The series will be going up for sale shortly as a special LIMITED TIME ONLY pre-order for less than the full retail cost! Once that’s over – it’s over. Get it while it’s available. After that the price goes up.

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Duff Guide to Ska posted a nice little piece
recently on the new releases where he mentioned how the NY Times had commented that:

“About 95 percent of music downloads in 2010 were unlicensed and illegal, with no money flowing back to artists, songwriters or record producers, according to Alex Jacob, a spokesman for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.”

He then goes onto ask some important questions about the state of music as he often does. He mentioned our little project as being important in the grand scheme of things (paraphrasing here) but not here:

How can bands and labels–particularly those on the underground scene–ever hope to survive (let alone thrive) if they can’t expect to even cover their expenses? Why should they ever bother to go through the huge effort to put out recorded music if they’re just going to be ripped off by the “fans”?
Perhaps this is really the only feasible way forward for the independent side of the music industry–the new (and somewhat awkward and unorthodox) model for selling recorded music: the fans have to become investors in a project before it can be put into production and fully realized.

While I really appreciated his comments and the point of the piece was to highlight the new releases in a positive light I responded that it freaked me out a bit. That’s a lot of pressure. I mean it’s just some vinyl for the diehards! But it brings up a thought for so many of us and the fans. We all want to find new music and have it whenever and wherever we are. The only way to make sure to do that though is to get out and support it. Start a club in your town. DJ some old tunes. Talk to a buddy. Share – hopefully at the same time as buying music from bands you like. That’s the point of the fan club – foster the sounds we all love and help create a community around it again. Like in the old days.

So I say a BIG THANK you to Steve and Duff Guide for the kind words and encouragement along with random thoughts on today’s music.

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