Like a DJ chatting on the mic with the newest and hottest sensation to hit the nation we’ll feature new releases that should be added to your collection. These are albums, singles, digital tracks anything at all that we think is worth your time to listen to. READ MORE

Every year more and more classic albums and even singles are getting the reissue treatment. Trojan has build their whole catalog on it in fact. As the years go by more and more expanded editions have hit the market. Most come with extra bonus tracks and faithfully reproduced album artwork and we’ll highlight the best releases here. READ MORE.

Reggae’s very core is built on the version. From the earliest days of taking hits of the day heard on the radio or brought back on vinyl by people like Coxsone Dodd artists have been covering other artists. It’s a staple of the recording industry as a whole and not just a strictly Jamaican phenomenon. We’ll highlight some of the more interesting and long lived covers in this feature. READ MORE.

While Ska & Reggae is mostly a singles or 45 vinyl 7 inch record market since it’s earliest days there are however certain albums that deserve to be highlighted for one reason or another. When they were released they changed the sound in some way, moved it into another direction, or just plain have a wonderful story to tell. We’ll try to shed some light on these albums for you. READ MORE.

Books. Actual hard copy printed goods to hold and look at. Remember those? Yeah we didn’t think so. Don’t worry though. That’s why were here. This column focuses on all manner of print material past and present that relates to the music. You should like learn to read or something huh.READ MORE.

Do you live and breath vinyl record collecting and Reggae in general. Well you may think you do then there are pople like the ones we’ll feature in this column. These cats bleed vinyl love with years of dusty groove diving, long DJ nights and searching high and low for that one rare cut they’ve always wanted. READ MORE.