Fabulosos Cadillacs are Back with a Vengeance!

Fabulosos CadillacsWhile the Specials reunion has once again been put on ice for about the billionth time (and we are super bummed about this since it REALLY seemed like it was going to happen this time – it’s not a reunion if Jerry still refuses to participate!) there is another reunion in full swing that makes us just as giddy. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are preparing a new disc and have been playing a series of shows including a stop this coming Friday in Tijuana.

That show is going to be simply killer – like the time I saw Madness at the Troubadour I’m sure. Their live show is energetic to say the least and if you’re not familiar with the band by name exactly – I’m sure you know them by their hit “El Matador” from the superb flick Gross Point Blank featuring the badass John Cusack. Not “traditional” in any sense of the word they are the ska-punk-reggae maestros of Argentina and you should know them if for nothing more then for their first 2 albums “Bares y Fondas” and “Yo Te Avis” (although the rest of their remarkable recorded output is nothing to overlook as well) and full of ska and reggae nuggets.

Check out the site for clips including a wicked Clash Cover.

Here’s a little preview clip for the new album:

Now check em out with Fishbone!

I can’t wait till Friday.

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