EXCLUSIVE! Rhygin Records Showcase LP Preview

Rhygin Showcase LP in Stores & Online July 26thTwo Exclusive tracks from the upcoming Rhygin Records Showcase LP! In the works for a while now the album is exactly what the title says: a showcase of what the label strives to present to the world of Reggae.

The sounds seem liberated from the vaults of a 70’s Jamaican studio with a modern twist of the knobs that make the tracks contained inside bubble up with pride. The art sure helps make that point too!

The album is due to hit stores and digital outlets on July 26th.


Roots Daughtah “Dangerous” [audio:http://www.lawless-street.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Dangerous.mp3]

Generation Rockers “Sea Change” [audio:http://www.lawless-street.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Sea-Change.mp3]

1. Generation Roclers – Rambling 3.30
2. Roots Daughtah – Dangerous 3.35
3. The Black Emeralds – Vipers & Liars 2.14
4. Sandollar Sound – The Way 2.42
5. Generation Rockers – Coast to Coast 3.36
6. Sandollar Sound – The Struggle 3.29
7. Tino Ranks & Sandollar Sound – Pohiki 3.31
8. Roots Daughtah – I’m Still Here2 6.02
9. The Black Emeralds – I-Ration Rock 3.52
10. Gold Cobra – Friday the 13th Dub 3.55
11. Generation Rockers – Sea Change 2.51

The album is due to hit stores and digital outlets in July 26th.

Find out more info at the Rhygin Records website here.

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