Ever Wonder About The Specials’ Ghost Town Cover?

ghostowncoverYeah me too. It’s such an interesting image – as stark as the song itself. I had thought the cover was an original piece but knowing so much about the band it makes perfect sense that it is an interpretation of an earlier piece of work. Most of their linage can be traced to earlier periods distilled and synthesized into a new potent concoction of musical sweat and passion. Songs from a young Jamaica were re-worked into dance-floor fillers for the new generation. So why not the images associated with that new music sensation.

Which brings us to the Ghost Town cover. You’ve seen it. The skeletons playing the piano, hunched over as if in eternal agony and despair cloaked in the darkness of a musical hall from hell. Wonderfully dark image for a perfect pop masterpiece of musical despair in a time of national unemployment and race riots. The song was released as the band itself was being destroyed from within.

Hitting the top of the British charts as the band disintegrated into a shell of it’s former self and glory the image that accompanied it summed up everything so spot on that it seemed that it was just meant to be.

Well the website LPCoverLover.com uncovered the original masterpiece from an old Soma Records release of Halloween themed Sounds To Make You Shiver. The great site Off Beat Ska also mentioned this some time back – guess I missed it that week. I love both of those sites so I figured this is a great time to give em both props for such interesting and wonderful vinyl distractions.

So check out those sites but for now check out the original cover that The Specials reinterpreted for their release.

You can also check out Marco’s blog Marco On The Base for other updates from the band on plans for the new year and beyond. See why Terry Hall says the next tour will be their last here.

What’s a piece on the song without actually hearing and seeing it – this song will never get old or dated. So get ready and feast on the sounds of Margaret Thatcher’s England as interpreted by The Specials.

Ghost Town

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