Eric Monty Morris Still Dazzles On Stage

Monty Morris & The Saloon Soldiers Germany 2011

The man might be old but don’t tell him cause he still thinks he’s a kid. Jumping around in a flashy suit doing flashy moves like in the old days. The guys still got talent and the voice to make you dance.

Back in the Ska days he never got a chance to hit Europe before he gave up his singing for another life. He finally made his debut this past Saturday April 9 to a sold out crowd at the prestigious McCormacks Ballroom.

Just take a look at the videos below for a glimpse at all the fun that must have been had. You can read the full press release below the videos with a little more information on what went down and fan reaction.

& Monty doing his classic “Sammy Dead”

Eric Monty Morris Leaps in Leipzeg, Germany
Ska Legend Dazzles in First European Show

LEIPZEG, DE, APRIL 10, 2011 – Ska Legend Eric Monty Morris made his European debut to a sold out crowd at the prestigious McCormacks Ballroom on Saturday April 9, 2011. It was a night that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest exhibitions of Ska in modern times.

A steady stream of fans could be seen greeting Morris upon his arrival at McCormacks Ballroom, seizing the opportunity to shake the hand of the man who wrote songs like “Sammy Dead,” “Strongman Sampson,” “Penny Reel,” “Into this Beautiful Garden” and “Humpty Dumpty.” One patron knelt before Morris, kissing his hand while explaining that she had waited all of her life to see his perform.

At the stroke of midnight, Morris’s backing band for the evening “The Saloon Soldiers” opened up the Morris set with interpretations of favorite Ska and Rocksteady tunes. Then it was time for the legend to take the stage. A single spotlight could be seen beaming into the crowd, in search of the man affectionately called “Monty.” As it found its’ mark, Morris made his way slowly through the eager crowd, guided by manager/producer Sadiki as well as representatives of his European Agency.

Total pandemonium! Euphoria! Are only a few of the words that can be used to describe the reaction and feeling of the crowd when Morris finally took to the stage. Opening with his classic ballad “Where in the World Are You Going,” Morris had the crowd hanging on every line. He then commanded the crowd to “Get Your Feet Moving,” fans willingly obeyed the command and danced up a Ska storm. If there was a doubt as to who this well dressed 60 something year-old man on stage was, there was no doubt by the time Morris got to “Penny Reel”, “Sammy Dead”, “Oil In My Lamp” and the widely popular “Humpty Dumpty”. Patrons from as far away as France, Spain, Austria and the UK, gleefully chanted, line for line, the lyrics that made Eric Monty Morris a Living Legend! By the end of his forty-five minute set, and not one but two encores, Morris and fans seemed more like a tightly knit family as they sang “What You Gonna Do (Say Bye Bye)”.

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