Duke Vin Has Died

Duke VinDuke Vin, who founded the fist sound system in the UK after relocating there from Jamaica in 1954 (bringing Count Suckle along too) died on Saturday November 3 as reported by United Reggae.

Duke helped pave the way for Ska, reggae and sound system culture to take over the UK by importing sounds directly from the island.

His name, while familiar to hardcore followers of the music, was less well known until Australian film-maker Gus Berger produced and directed the documentary ‘Duke Vin and the Birth of Ska’.

MC Zulu posted a nice bit about the passing.

He was of course another in a long line of Jamaican legends that were sadly not well known around the world in relation to their impact on music and a world culture.

If you have not checked out the documentary then you need to. Here is the trailer for it below.

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