Double Barrel Argentina Style

Recently there was a discussion on the message boards about 60’s U.S. Ska that was very interesting. Check that out HERE. Well today I found this record on EBAY:

Don Somebody
RCA Victor 31Z-1901 / 1971 / Argentina
Doble Barril (Double Barrel) b/w Eva

The listing says this:
“Original, 1st and only pressing released in 1971 on RCA Victor, Argentina. As usual in this region, the record spins at 33-rpm, and the titles are in Spanish. It’s hard to believe, but almost at the same time Dave and Ansell Collins cut Double Barrel on the Kingston, Jamaica-based Techniques Records label, thousands of miles away in South America, this obscure local artist did cover that monster classic, and it results in this tremendous, raw and tasty Latin-ized version.

The flipside features an instrumental track, entitled Eva. Probably conceived as a studio-only project, and based on the usual and inherent anonymity, he ironically called himself Don Somebody. As far as is known, he released only one single, which is virtually impossible to find.”

Take a listen to the sound sample. It’s interesting to say the least. Any other rare international cover versions of your favorite reggae songs out there? Drop me a line.

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