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Don & Rico: The Story of Jamaica’s 2 Greatest Trombonists

I came across this blog today that professes “Initially, I planned to include my work on a novel based on the life of Don Drummond on Jazz First (jazzofonik1.blogspot.com), my principal blog. But then, the thought, why not create a blog just for the project?”

While there haven’t been many updates so I am not sure how serious this project is I might suggest writing a book on the Skatalites as a whole actually. To my knowledge there isn’t a full and complete book strictly on the Skatalites legacy, history or the almost impossible task of a complete discography. Is there?

At the least you might include Rico and write about the 2 greatest Trombonists from the little island in the sun. That would make for an interesting read.

Think about the opportunities to link them together even more then they already are as 2 sides of the same coin – one lost way too early with plenty of more to contribute and one that has gone on to show what the other might have been capable of attaining in a majestic career that has spanned decades. I know I’d buy a copy of any book on those subjects and have done on more then on occasion already in fact.

You could even include a copy of a compilation like the one pictured above, much like the Trojan Records Book “Tighten Up” did. That would make a wonderful trilogy of books if they had the same format.


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