Don Drummond Memorial Gets Expanded Re-issue

Don Drummond Memorial Album ReissueFROM TROJAN RECORDS WEBSITE:

May 2009 will be the 40th anniversary since Jamaica lost one of its best-loved sons, the legendary and tragic Don Drummond. As a tribute to one of the greatest trombonist the world has ever known, Trojan are making available once more the ‘Memorial Album’ that first saw issue on the label towards the close of 1969.

Featuring updated versions of a dozen early Duke Reid productions, the album was intended to illustrate how Drummond’s talent transcended genres, a goal it undoubtedly achieved, with the new Reggae mixes as appealing as the original early sixties cuts.

Now, this classic collection is to be made available once more, its 12 tracks bolstered by 37 bonus tracks from Reid’s much-vaunted Treasure Isle cataloge.


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